Crowd Round Innovation Unconference 2020 – Bringing Inspiration to the Regions


Thanks to Advance Queensland – Regional Innovation Support Hub funding and the Crowd Round organising committee the second Yeppoon Innovation Crowd Round Innovation Unconference was hosted in Yeppoon in late October 2020.

2020 has been a hard year for events, but the Unconference showed what a community of awesome doers and business minded people can achieve. With Covid-19 restriction on numbers and accommodation limiting us to 50 attendees, we had reached maximum attendees but we had such a high level of engagement, awesome ideas and collaboration, this event felt like it was 100 people.  To see how much fun we really had watch this video.

Some of the attendee highlights include a session on UpCycle CQ – “interactive and something I haven’t done before”, Reverse Shark Tank – “we had such amazing business pitches and everyone has such great ideas for every pitch”  and What is your Social Enterprise – “a great session that helped explain that my business can, and should have a social focus”.

Other sessions that were held included a tour of Yeppoon and surrounds, how to film & edit smart phone videos to use professionally and how to have difficult conversations where everyone walks away happy. 

The Unconference in Yeppoon has made other regions aware of the benefit of hosting an unconference, including the financial benefit to the region and the inspiration it gives people with ideas to help them achieve.

To find out about more innovation events and network with others don’t forget to check out QiHub the Hub for Queensland Innovators and Startups.