Another Successful Crowd Round Unconference

In November, the organisers of Crowd Round, and their crowd, headed to the beautiful town of Yeppoon, on the Capricornia Coast to host another QLD Unconference with the locals.  This time the focus was on Innovation (and seeing we were at the beach – water sports!).  We had a great time with a mix of attendees from all parts of the ecosystem, and representation from all around Queensland.  Attendees ranged from startup founders, mentors, corporates, angel investors, local council employees, local university students and a couple of children.  There was a mix of activities and workshops including an opening night speech from international sustainability speaker Jay Friedlander,  digital marketing strategies, a wine appreciation class, budgeting basics and a storytelling masterclass.  We had sessions ranging from how to make business promotional video‚Äôs on your iPhone, hands-on Ewaste upcycling to Zumba .  Over 65% of the sessions were facilitated by the locals, which was especially awesome considering so few of them had ever been to an Unconference before!  

After some great feedback from our attendees and our sponsors, Livingstone Shire Council and Advance Queensland, we have decided to host another Crowd Round in Yeppoon next year.  For the next event in 2020, the crowd in Central QLD is excited to get together and create more magic.  

Feedback from Attendees:

I loved how casual and participant lead it was
“I found it fun, relaxing, opportunity for learning and networking. I loved the variety of ages and experiences.”
“I love the variety of people and stories.
“It was one of the most fun, informative and collaborative events I have ever been to.”